During these 2 days,

Several things have happened .. strangely indeed.

1. This white-guy called me and asked me to join his team to be the programmer.. perhaps even the head programmer if I can solve things they cant solve. Hehe.. This is about a company, which is based on my calculation is a promising company which has a big.. no.. huge perspective to go international. Wait a minute! This company is already go-international.
Anyway, thanks Dad!

2. My friend.. silly friend who has no capabilities except bravery (blabbering about things he can do, yet he can’t.. sad) asked me to join his company to be (yet another) head programmer to develop websites. Which then could lead to tons of websites as I have been told that the clients are not just medium-sized companies, but also high-levels.. even those related closely to governments. Wooohhh!! Thanks again, Pop!

3. Not about company, just my writing about pirates have been selected to win the competition. Might not be that HIGH-lighted as the competitors are about 5-6. But still.. this is the first time I have won something in writing.. English writing. Sadly, it is just about a game. So instead of winning moneys, I won game items. :( Anyway, at least my writing quality has been classified highly. Hurrah!
Here goes the link:

These bring back old memories.. :)
Back then, during high school, I am submitting everything to my Dad about my daily life, while I am doing things to make my Dad smiling at me.
As the result.. although I got 6 or 7 or 8 at my exam marks, surprisingly my score hits the top-rank in my class. And that was even the best result I have achieved ever, compared to my previous nerdy studying-freak guy one year before (which only achieved 2-rank)

At this time, starting from that submission.. I have learnt many things about doing things that is beyond, what people call, DREAMS.

1. Back to some years ago, during the Babylon Tower tragedy.. God’s promise is that everythings that human plans will happen accordingly.
2. God also says that, we as His princes and princesses, shall not be tails, yet heads. To lead, not to follow.
3. Last but not least is the famous sentence among Christians, is this:
But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you

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