What to Do if You Win The Lottery?

This question ‘What to do if you win the lottery?’ is very familiar I hear from many persons who I know. Even I ever asked this question to my husband when he looked so busy with his power-ball numbers. Without any long thinking, he described what he wanted if he won the lottery, from the private jet/airplane, having own hospital for the poor people in my country (Indonesia), etc. Those are general.

If I get that question or someone asks me that same question, the first thing I would tell him that I really don’t need hundreds million dollars in my life. I am pretty sure when I win a very huge lottery (around hundreds millions dollars), right away, at that time, I can not close my eyes, I can not sleep very well. Of course, my heart will full with a huge happiness because I have a lot of money but I am sure beside on it, on the corner of my heart I will have a great worries. I worry about my safety, my family member’s safety. Although I will have some bodyguards, for the example. It means that my life will change drastic, from ‘freedom’ to ‘being body-guarded’. It will make me not comfortable and not enjoyable.

GOD said in His Word, “Where your treasure is, there are your heart!” So, if there are some alternatives, I would prefer to choose not hundreds million dollars, but some million dollars is just more than enough for me. I would take 10% from its net to contribute for God’s work. I also use some of my money to open new business so it will give more vacancies to everybody who needs a job. What is that? I still don’t not exactly but I think it would be connected with the Indonesian things.

What’s else? With all of my money, I would not spoiled my children and my own family. We will have the same life, regular life, with smart and hard working and let them buy their own car with their own money. With that way, I am as a parent, has given several of the greatest things in their life: They will give the respect with their owns, they will know how give the respect with the money they get, they will give the respect with their hard works. Through this way, I will shape a quality generation in my own family.

So, what will I do with the rest of my money? Beside I will save it in my Bank Account and other Bank products account, I will use those money to visit hundreds of beautiful places around the world especially in my country, Indonesia with my whole member of my family every year, also I will use those money to advance my interests and hobbies: buying a new house in safer area with large lawn, so I can create my own landscape; having nursery; having studio for my crafting, painting, etc; having sunny room so I can display my plant collections nicely there, etc.

Are they enough? No! Because in my mind, I am pretty sure that I still have many lists of things I would like to donate/contribute especially for other persons/people who really, really need a HELP.

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